Grand Challenges Impact Lab

This 10-week, 15-credit study abroad program based in Bangalore, India engages students and practitioners from interdisciplinary backgrounds in addressing some of the most critical challenges facing humanity and learning from creative solutions. ILK works with University of Washington in planning program content, developing curriculum, teaching, partnership development and logistics planning. Learn more about program details and follow the student experience here.

ILK partners with the Acara program at the Institute on the Environment at University of Minnesota. This interdisciplinary impact entrepreneurship program works with student innovators through study abroad programs, incubation, mentoring, and fellowships. Learn more about the program here.

In partnership with ILK this year, the awardees are working towards setting up a low-cost sensor network in Bangalore. Learn more about the program here.

This program focuses on engaging students from with doing business in another country through daily organization and cultural visits. Learn more here