Stories from our Clients and Partners

We could not run our study abroad program without ILK. Our students love working with ILK. We worked with ILK from the beginning, to help design our program and to find ways to offer deep, meaningful experiences. The people at ILK (Meenakshi, Aruna, Elbin) listened to our goals, and were strong collaborators in co-creating a program that puts local partners and genuine engagement front and center. Finding and managing engagement opportunities, and overseeing the logistics of those opportunities, would be very difficult from overseas. ILK does a tremendous job establishing and running these on-site components; we are able to offer an impactful, life-changing experience for students because of ILK.

Prof. Julian Marshall

GCIL, University of Washington

"Acara has been doing things with students in India for a decade. We struggled for a long time to find a model that worked for us, for our US students and for our Indian partners. ILK has really solved that dilemma for us. They are able to help both Acara and our students design programs with local partners being front and center, even for students working remotely. The ILK consultants come with a wealth of experience and really act as teaching and research partners. They get rave reviews from our students."

Fred Rose

ACARA, University of Minnesota

If it weren't for organizations like ILK, I would not have had the courage or support to move to India and start my own social impact business. Pure Paani, a business that makes clean drinking water more affordable and accessible, started as a university project. The encouragement and coaching of the mentors at ILK have helped me turn the project into a business reality. Over the last two years, they have introduced me to the design cycle, provided guidance, connected me to partners and networks, and helped me persevere through the ups and downs of the business development process. I am grateful for the way they invested in me and helped me become an effective leader.


Pure Paani, Bangalore, India